Injuries Treated

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Denver Sport Injury Center specializes in pain/injuries caused by playing sports, CrossFit, running, exercising and even sitting at a desk. If you have one of the injuries listed below, we can help.

  • Lower back pain: pain located across the lower back, buttock and sometimes into the hamstring and calf. Probably the most common injury with CrossFit.
  • Neck pain: pain located in the back of the neck and top of the shoulder. Sometimes pain can radiate down the arm and have numbness and/or tingling. A very common symptom is tightness in the back of the neck and top of the shoulder. Pain underneath the shoulder blade occurs on occasion.
  • Mid back pain: pain between your shoulder blades.
  • Shoulder pain: pain is most common in the front of the shoulder but does occur in the back of the shoulder, and in the bicep and deltoid muscles.
  • Elbow pain: the most common site of pain in the elbow is on the outside or the lateral epicondyle (tennis elbow.) Pain on the inside (medial epicondyle) is less common but does occur with golfers and baseball pitchers.
  • Wrist pain: Commonly occurs with volleyball, gymnastics or basketball.
  • Hip pain: Pain deep in the buttocks is very common and can cause radiating pain into the leg with tingling. Front hip pain is also common, especially when you run a lot or work at a job that requires a lot of sitting.
  • Knee pain: Pain underneath the knee cap and lateral knee pain (IT band syndrome) are very common with runners and Crossfit athletes.
  • Shin pain or Shin Splints: Most commonly affects young athletes and seems to be more common in females than males. These are very painful to treat but respond great to treatment. Sometimes takes 4-5 treatments to be completely pain free.
  • Ankle Sprains (rolling your ankle): pain is usually located near the bone that juts out on the outside of the ankle (Lateral Malleolus) and in the front of the ankle. If you have sprained your ankle and have not fully recovered in 3-4 weeks then the sprain requires treatment.
  • Achilles Tendon pain: pain is located at the achilles attachment into the heel. Usually caused by running and playing sports with very stiff ankle joints.
  • Plantar Fasciitis: pain is located near the heel and in the arch of the foot. This injury typically takes a little longer to get pain free and may need a quality arch support if you have a fallen arch.

On your first visit you get a full examination to determine the cause of your pain. On each follow up visit you will be re-examined to see how much you have improved. If it is suspected you have a muscle tear, ligament tear, stress fracture or broken bone, or if you don’t improve significantly in 2-3 treatments you will be referred out for diagnostic imaging or an orthopedic evaluation.

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